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This January, NMCC conducted our second annual Voter Pulse Survey.  This survey asked 604 randomly selected registered New Mexico voters a series of questions involving the direction of the state, public safety, public education, economic growth and diversification, and other pressing issues.

When asked if they thought New Mexico was headed in the right or wrong direction, 36% of voters said the state was headed in the right direction while 54% said the state was headed in the wrong direction, which did not change statistically from last year.

Key Findings:

Among eight issues tested, registered voters are less likely to be satisfied with the way things are going with:

➢Crime and public safety (21%)
➢Housing availability and affordability (28%)
➢Public education (32%)
➢Economic growth and diversification (41%)
➢Water and drought (42%)

Among eight issues tested, registered voters are more likely to want New Mexico’s top priorities for allocating the budget surplus to be:

➢Reducing crime and increasing public safety (54%)
➢Improving education and public schools (46%)
➢Making housing more affordable (34%)
➢Creating jobs and growing the economy (29%)

The vast majority of registered voters are supportive of three public school education programs that would:

➢Provide funding for career technical certifications in high demand careers (93%)
➢Invest in reading and math tutoring for K-12 (91%)
➢Require most third graders to read at grade level before moving on to the 4th grade (83%)

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of registered voters support restructuring New Mexico’s tax structure, while fewer voters (47%) supporting raising taxes on high income individuals to create more revenue for the state.

Voters believe policy makers need to prioritize public safety, education, and housing. By prioritizing these issues, we can improve safety, combat criminal activity, and build a diverse, strong economy that fosters a thriving business environment and ensures success for all New Mexicans.