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See the bills related to education and workforce development we’re tracking during the legislative session. FOCUS bills are selected as our key priorities and as indicators of friendliness to business.

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ACI recognizes the importance of developing and maintaining strong education and workforce development systems. The state needs a foundation of high-quality early-care and education programs, as well as effective and innovative public schools (from Pre-K through grade 12) that graduate students prepared for secondary education and 21st-century jobs. The state must support a diverse system with mixed delivery, including home school and non-public schools.

A strong community college system that works with public schools, home schools and non-public schools, the higher education system as a whole, and New Mexico employers to develop, train, and retain a globally competitive workforce is vital to the state’s economic health.

ACI supports a world-class university system (public and private) that is demand-driven, responsive to the needs of New Mexico businesses and communities, fosters innovation, and facilitates entrepreneurship.

Without a quality education system, the state cannot recruit and retain quality employers and will not be able to compete economically.