Policy Agenda

NMCC’s policy agenda is the product of year-round input by our member businesses, working through focused policy committees.Our policy committees are open to all employees at all member businesses. As a result of this process:

NMCC’s policy agenda is shaped directly by those it affects, and those who know the relevant issues and industries best.
NMCC’s policy agenda comes straight from our member businesses — never from staff, political parties or closed-door meetings.
NMCC’s policy agenda always reflects the most current needs of New Mexico’s business community and the constantly changing political landscape. Read more. 

NMCC's Advocacy Network

We need you to make the Voice of New Mexico Business heard on key issues facing our state this legislative session.

Take action through the New Mexico Chamber of Commerce’s free advocacy network! Read more.

2023 FOCUS Repot (Post-Session Review)

The FOCUS Report is NMCC’s annual recap on all things New Mexico Chamber. The report features information on the legislative session, including information on key bills, insider details on how the legislature played out, and the bottom line for New Mexico business. The report also includes a recap of Chamber events throughout the year, important initiatives, and showcases the benefits of membership. Read more.

COVID Stops Here.

The New Mexico Chamber of Commerce COVID Stops Here campaign recognizes New Mexico’s workplaces that have reached 70%-100% vaccination rates among employees. We are celebrating employers that are leading the fight against this virus — and encouraging more of New Mexico’s workplaces to join their ranks. Read more. 

Driving New Mexico's Future

In 2020, NMCC released the Driving New Mexico’s Future: Empowering a Competitive Economy in a Post-Pandemic World report. The report identified four areas in which New Mexico must improve to create a thriving business environment and improve overall quality of life including business climate, workforce & education, infrastructure and innovation capacity. Read more. 

2024 Voter Pulse Survey Results

This January, NMCC conducted our second annual Voter Pulse Survey. This survey asked 604 randomly selected registered New Mexico voters a series of questions involving the direction of the state, public safety, public education, economic growth and diversification, and other pressing issues. Read more.

NM Broadband Expansion Resources

In December 2023, NMCC partnered with Kelly Cable of New Mexico to host the 2023 New Mexico Broadband Summit. The Summit was the first of its kind in the U.S., bringing together ISPs, government officials, industry experts, tribal entities, rural electric/telecommunications cooperatives, and others to provide insight and information to aid broadband expansion in New Mexico.

Broadband expansion is critical for New Mexico, especially in rural areas, to provide equal opportunities for success in education, career, and entrepreneurial endeavors afforded by reliable access to high-speed internet.

The Summit included a variety of speakers and panels who presented and provided incredibly valuable information about broadband and broadband expansion. Read more. 

Track Legislation with NMCC

Follow the bills NMCC is tracking! FOCUS bills are selected as our key priorities and as indicators of friendliness to business. We also provide information about the bills we’re tracking according to our committees. Read more. 

Policy Committees

NMCC’s policy committees are the backbone of our work for New Mexico business.

Twice each year, policy committees–comprised entirely of NMCC member businesses–come together to review NMCC’s policy priorities, make recommendations, and set the agenda that NMCC’s government affairs team will take to Santa Fe.

All policy committees are open to NMCC members, and members may participate in person, by phone, or by video conference. Read more. 

Disaster Relief Resources

NMCC has created  list of resources available to New Mexicans and businesses around the state affected by natural disasters. If you, your business, or someone you know have been impacted by the recent fires that have taken place, click here for resources.