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New Mexico chamber CEO: ‘We need to do things quickly’ for economic recovery

January 18, 2021

“We need to do things quickly coming out of COVID just to keep businesses with the hope of being able to keep going,” Black told The Center Square. Many jobs permanently lost are gone forever because business models shifted online, Black said. “Part of what we have to do is quickly respond, retrain, help certify folks into different types of employment,” he said.

Business groups launch ‘Virtual Roundhouse’

January 12, 2021
“This is really a way to have transparent government,” said Ashley Wagner, director of public policy and communications with the New Mexico Chamber of Commerce. The Virtual Roundhouse of New Mexico launched Monday with a day of presentations by legislators, state department heads, Lt. Gov. Howie Morales and business representatives. Two conferences also were held on the platform.
Monday’s presentations had 700 people signed up, Wagner said, with as many as 200 people participating at any given time.

Join in lawmaking through the Virtual Roundhouse

January 12, 2021

“The Virtual Roundhouse of New Mexico is free and open to the public. The digital conference runs through March 20, and a one-time registration allows access to the entire event, which includes Q and A sessions with legislators, presentations from cabinet members and digital chats with event speakers.”

New website seeks to help the public participate in legislative session

January 10, 2021
“To help the public participate in the 60-day legislative session, the New Mexico Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations have created a website called the Virtual Roundhouse of New Mexico.”

Economic report charts path to recovery

December 9, 2020
“We want to make sure that, when we come out of COVID, we are not going to lose another decade like we did during the Great Recession,” said Rob Black, president and CEO of the organization, formerly known as the New Mexico Association of Commerce and Industry. It advocates for business-friendly public policy.
The report, titled “Driving New Mexico’s Future,” identifies challenges regarding the state’s economic competitiveness, and offers 17 specific strategies in areas ranging from worker attraction to regulatory reform.
“Because of COVID, we think it’s very important that New Mexico comes out of the pandemic prepared, stronger and better than ever,” said Sayuri Yamada, chair of the New Mexico Chamber’s economic strategy working group.

For strained businesses, it’s not the time for paid sick leave

December 7, 2020

“We’ve heard ‘We’re all in this together.’ If that is truly the case, now is definitely not the time for Albuquerque’s City Council to force more heavy-handed regulations on struggling local businesses,” ACI said in a statement. “The ongoing COVID situation should not be an excuse to impose more costs on local businesses.


Pandemic brings more economic uncertainty in New Mexico

November 23, 2020
Rob Black, president of the New Mexico Association of Commerce and Industry, also painted a grim portrait of the future of the state’s restaurant, hospitality and retail industries without an infusion of state and federal aid.
“It looks like a lot of empty store fronts, a lot of empty mall areas,” he said. “It looks like a lot of people in unemployment lines and a lot of foreclosures. It will create a very difficult hole for people to crawl their way out of.”