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The New Mexico Organized Retail Crime Association (NMORCA) is a project of the New Mexico Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with our retail member companies and law enforcement across the state of New Mexico. NMORCA provides an online digital platform for retailers and law enforcement so that they can easily share information in real time to help prevent and prosecute organized retail crime (ORC) in New Mexico.


What is ORC?

ORC describes a group or individual who repeatedly steals high-value merchandise from a retailer or multiple retailers for the purpose of reselling the merchandise for personal financial gain. ORC is not only detrimental to New Mexico retailers and businesses financially but more importantly it poses a threat to the safety and well-being of employees and customers alike.

ORC is one of the most common offenses in New Mexico and helps fund and perpetuate other criminal activity throughout the state.

Why is it important to put a stop to ORC?

ORC creates a safety risk to employees and customers in every part of New Mexico. Criminals involved in organized rings are increasingly carrying weapons such as guns, knives and pepper spray and they use them to physically threaten workers, creating immediate danger to every individual present during the theft. The ever-growing threat of violence makes employees feel unsafe coming to work. Additionally, it makes customers fear for their safety and the safety of their families, worrying that they may be at risk when shopping.

New Mexico is positioned to be among the most economically competitive states in the country, however ORC threatens economic opportunities brought to the state by retailers. If a retailer fears they may experience millions of dollars of loss from theft each year or that their employees are at risk, they are less likely to open a new location or retain their current locations in New Mexico. This not only means a loss of cash-flow in the state, but also means less options for consumers and less jobs for New Mexicans.

ORC also impacts the state through lost Gross Receipts Taxes collected, since the thieves are not paying taxes on the goods they steal or resell through fencing operations.


How do I help stop ORC and join NMORCA?

Joining NMORCA is a simple, free process. To apply, you must complete the form below and have a valid company email address.

By joining, you are helping to make New Mexico a safer place to do business. We encourage you to apply today!

For more information you can contact NMORCA@nmchamber.org.

Register for the 2024 Organized Retail Crime Conference Today!

This conference will bring together retailers and law enforcement to network and participate in shared learning opportunities, encouraging collaboration in combatting organized retail crime in New Mexico.