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NMCC’s policy committees are the backbone of our work for New Mexico business.

Twice each year, policy committees–comprised entirely of NMCC member businesses–come together to review  NMCC’s policy priorities, make recommendations, and set the agenda that NMCC’s government affairs team will take to Santa Fe.

All policy committees are open to NMCC members, and members may participate in person, by phone, or by video conference. To join a policy committee, log in to your member account, or contact NMCC by email or at 505-842-0644. You then will be notified of upcoming committee meetings, news, and issues related to your committee’s focus.

Agriculture and Food Processing

Agriculture and food policy issues that affect cost and access to local markets.

Economic Development & Technology

Access to capital, incentives, and other means to recruit and retain employers, public and private research and development in the state, and fostering industry.

Education and Workforce Development

Education reform policies for K-12 and higher education, and workforce development initiatives.

Energy and Extractive Industries

Energy and extractive industry issues pertaining to renewable and non-renewable sources.

Environment, Water & Land Use

Air and environmental regulations, water planning, water rights adjudication, water quantity and quality, interstate compacts, and property rights issues.


Healthcare reform, insurance benefit mandates and cost reduction initiatives.


Tax reform, tax policies (property, gross receipts, personal income, corporate, etc.).

Workplace, Legal Reform & Government Accountability

Prevailing wage law, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, immigration issues, executive versus legislative power, internal operation of regulatory agencies, ethics reform, non-profit political activity, and open government issues.