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In 2023, Representative Marian Matthews authored the most effective public safety law in the last thirty years when she wrote House Bill 234 (HB 234). Representative Matthews worked side by side with retailers, the law enforcement community, and legislators while drafting HB 234 to tighten legal loopholes to prosecute organized retail crime in our state.

HB 234 created the tools that law enforcement and prosecutors needed to go after the growing problem of organized retail crime that has been threatening our employees and customers in New Mexico.

District Attorney Sam Bregman, immediately recognized the importance of HB 234, advocating for its passage. As soon as it was implemented, he began using it to go after repeat offenders who have preyed on our local businesses and employees for too long.

Within just a few months D.A. Bregman had already charged dozens of repeat offenders under the new law.

Representative Matthews and D.A. Bregman are common-sense problem solvers who are focused on keeping our businesses, employees and communities safe.