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Economic Recovery Now

New Mexicans were promised that there would be COVID relief and economic recovery.

Instead, the legislature is fast tracking more than 20 bills that will:

  • put our hospitals and healthcare workers at risk; 
  • eliminate billions of dollars of revenue for public schools; and
  • make it more expensive for our businesses to reopen and operate.

Today, Arizona, Colorado and Texas all rank among the top 20 states for businesses. New Mexico ranks 48th. For our families and their future, we must do better.

We need the legislature to focus on the urgent business at handsafely reopening our schools and our economy and creating new opportunities for New Mexico families.

Join Us in Building New Mexico’s Future

Learn more about the legislation taking us in the wrong direction.

Unintended Consequences of HB20

A few of HB20’s challenges include: diminising employees’ existing PTO benefits, complicating the employer and employee definitions, burdening small businesses financially with excessive leave and providing insufficient timeframe for businesses to plan.